Why Pet Lovers Trust Chem-Dry


This post deviates a little bit from our normal topic of dog treats, to focus on a different kind of “treat” that our pets often leave for us. Staying on top of pet-related chores isn’t the most fun subject, but it’s important as a pet owner to make sure you’re maintaining a healthy environment for you and your pets. Just because you have dogs in your house doesn’t mean you want the place smelling like a doghouse.

Smelly dogAny pet lover will tell you that cleaning up after pets can be a major hassle, specifically for dogs and cats. Many breeds of dogs and cats shed regularly, and can leave a layer of hair on everything they come in contact with. There’s also the matter of dealing with bathroom accidents. Even after animals are housebroken they can still have accidents inside the home. It’s not their fault, and most animals are pretty good about avoiding it, but it does happen.

When accidents happen, immediate action needs to be taken to prevent stains from setting and becoming permanent. Many pet lovers turn to the services of Chem-Dry to deal with pet urine stains and odors. Chem-Dry is a professional carpet cleaning company with branches in most areas of the US, and they are the most pet owner’s preferred carpet cleaning company.

When it comes to pet stain removal, it’s important to act quickly and use a solution that penetrates to all levels of your carpeting, including the padding underneath. If left unchecked pet stains can seep down through your carpeting and even stain the floor underneath, trapping unpleasant odors and creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Chem-Dry has signature cleaning methods that use carbonation to break up the particles of pet stains all the way down through the padding of your carpet. Once the particles are broken up, Chem-Dry’s exclusive cleaning equipment uses powerful suction to remove every last bit of grime left behind by your pet’s accident. Chem-Dry can even treat pet stains left on furniture or tile floors.

Dog Accident

In addition to pet accidents, Chem-Dry has powerful vacuuming equipment that is proven to take care of pet hair far better than any consumer vacuum cleaner. If your animals shed constantly, you’ve probably dealt with the frustration of trying to vacuum up their hair. It can be a serious pain and take an inordinately long amount of time, and as soon as you finish your pets are already shedding on the spots you just cleaned.

Pet hair can cause issues for many people in the way of allergies, and it can be hard on your guests if your pets shed a lot. While there are many vacuums out there that claim to work well on pet hair, there is no substitution for getting a professional cleaning company like Chem-Dry to handle it. Some branches even sell consumer versions of their exclusive cleaning equipment so you can have the power of a Chem-Dry clean any time you want.

The main reason that pet owners prefer to use Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning services is their non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Many carpet cleaning businesses boast that they can get your pet stains out, and that’s probably true, but most carpet cleaning businesses use harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to pets. All of Chem-Dry’s solutions are guaranteed non-toxic, and due to their fast-drying cleaning methods, your carpet will be safe and dry in no time.

Sleepy dogIf you’re a pet owner that’s fed up with all of the excessive cleaning and dealing with pet stains and hair, get a professional to handle the mess. Pet owners consistently rank Chem-Dry’s services higher than other carpet cleaning brands. Try them for yourself, and you’ll see why they’re the most trusted carpet cleaning company for pet lovers.

Dog Waste Bags For Conscientious Property Managers



Picture the scene: it is a lovely day. Flowers are blooming. Bees are buzzing. The sun is shining. While out looking at apartments to rent, you see one that is simply beautiful. The grounds are lovely and exterior design appeals instantly. Details on the real estate sign indicate the size of each apartment for rent is what you need so you step onto the walkway towards the manager’s door only to step in a pile of dog mess. Imagine what an impact this would have on potential renters or their visitors. Dog poop is not just unsightly. It sticks to shoes and clothing and the smell is hard to get off of these items even when cleaned thoroughly. That odor clings, and so does the memory. There goes a potential renter.


Safety and Satisfaction


Appealing to potential residents is only one reason to ensure dog waste isn’t lying around a property. What about existing residents and the people who visit them? They want to feel they are cared for, and if there is a “dogs allowed” policy but dog waste scattered around, residents could kick up their own stink about pets on the premises. Letters of complaint are sure to start filling up that email in-box or even the post box. Children living in these places are at risk as they tend to touch anything and everything, gross or not. Bacteria in feces can make children very sick.


Besides, image is important. Those living in a building with its manicured lawns and clean windows take pride in the surroundings, but not if brown mess is smeared on paths and grass. One might come to feel as though his urban utopia is on the wrong side of the tracks.


What to Do


A property manager can’t stop dogs from pooping when they go for a walk. It is natural for a canine to feel his bowels wanting to move when he exercises and only a cruel owner would prevent him from doing so. What’s the answer? Owners have to pick up the poop.


One of the many reasons people don’t pick up after their dogs is that they don’t have dog waste bags handy. They forget to bring one with them or they bring one and the dog poops twice so he needs two bags. The easiest way to solve this problem is to make dog waste bags available on the property near a garbage can designated for disposal of full bags.


Dogs become accustomed to following a routine, so if owners encourage canines to poop near the dog waste center, they don’t even have to carry the bag around. This could be where dogs get used to relieving themselves all the time.


Who Will Benefit


As a property manager, you and your residents all benefit. Firstly, your reputation is enhanced by taking this small step towards helping keep a property clean whether passers-by or residents are allowing Fido to defecate onsite and do not clean it up. Secondly, residents are not going to step in as much of the stuff as before which makes everyone happy even if that doesn’t stop ignorant people from ignoring their responsibilities. Thirdly, the environment is better off since dog poop is not a natural fertilizer of any good to the grass or flowers nearby. Finally, the property owner is more likely to attract new residents to this cleaner, better-smelling site.

Check out http://doodycallsdirect.com/ to learn about how pet waste stations can benefit your community.

Doggy Kid Crafts


Dog Crafts and Treats

Need a fun activity for you and your kids? A day care center, like Creative World School, can
provide plenty of fun and educational activities. Why not continue the fun and creativity at home? Having a pet opens up a myriad of activities. Aside from going to the park, playing in the snow, or taking them for a swim; there are plenty of crafts you can do indoors for your furry friends.

Baking and Decorating Dog Treats

Baking dog treats is easy, and it’s almost impossible to mess up! Instead of worrying about those painstaking details for your Christmas cookies, let your kids help out with some dog treats that will be enjoyed through all the mishaps.

Check out our recipe page for plenty of ideas to make different flavored treats. As far as decorating goes, steer clear of the regular icing. Sugar and dairy can make for some upset stomachs, and you may end up rushing to the vet. You have 2 options- (1) to make some of your own frosting or (2) to order some premade dog frosting.

Greek yogurt frosting (when used in moderation) can be a great alternative. Click here for a Greek Yogurt recipe that includes yogurt, tapioca starch, and low fat milk. This blog also has maple, pumpkin, and plenty of additional flavors. When in doubt about an ingredient, ask your vet before whipping something up.

Homemade Toys

One of the easiest toys you can make is wrapping a water bottle in fabric or old clothing. This makes a soft outer layer with a hard, crinkly inside. For a more difficult t-shirt toy, roll up some old shirts vertically (hot dog style), and tie them into a tight braid. The tighter you roll each individual shirt, the tougher and more durable the braided toy will become.

Another fun fetching toy is made with a cut garden hose. Cut two ends of a hose so you are left with a 2-3 foot long piece of material. Then, put one end of the tube on the end of a stick or branch, pushing down until the pressure of the wood is holding it inside the hose. Then, connect the other end of the hose to the other end of the stick. This should create a flexible handle that can be used to throw the stick easily and play fetch.

Making these toys and snacks is a fun pastime for you, but more importantly – a great way to bond and play with your pet. They will surely appreciate these new creations.

My Pet Waste Removal Options


dogs and ownerI love my dogs very much and try to do everything I can to make them happy. I feed them the healthiest food and treats, give them the biggest kisses, and make sure to walk them around the DC and Arlington VA trails as much as possible. Jack and Hannah are the kindest dogs and I believe that they enjoy life just as much as I do. Aside from all the love I try to give them, I have a busy schedule and I’m not always able to be there for them. For that reason I had installed a doggie door for them to go in and out as they pleased. I have a large 2 acre fenced in back yard where they can run and play. With my busy lifestyle I have unfortunately come to realize that there is a huge need for pet waste disposal. There is a large amount of dog droppings that I feel a pooper scooper company would be best off handling. I search all across the DC area and as far as McLean, Arlington and Centreville. After hours of searching I came across a pet waste removal company called Doody Calls of Fairfax. Their services provide plans that you may customize weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. I like to cook out and have friends over a lot so I decided that a weekly schedule would be best for me.

I called them up and it couldn’t have been an easier set up. They assured that I didn’t need to be home for any schedule appointments. They would also let me know when their pet waste service was completed by putting a completion form on my front door knob. They started my pooper scooper service immediately and came out the following day. It was so convenient not having to be there and I haven’t seen them miss any droppings. Three months have passed and they have been keeping my beautiful yard beautiful. They are always on time for our pet waste disposal appointments and always come with a big smile on their face. This is quite possibly one of the best companies I have worked with.

They have excellent pricing and I have yet to find competition that could beat Doody Calls’s excellent deals. Another big seller was the fact that I was also helping out the environment by not leaving my dogs pet waste across the yard. I learned that the dog feces run off in the water system can really harm our ecosystem. If you have dogs and want a cleaner solution then call these folks up today!

Don’t Like Picking Up After Your Dogs? Here’s a Scoop!


What a difference a month makes. It seems like only yesterday that the weather was warm, the sky was clear and blue, and I was enjoying some quality time with my dogs out in the yard. Now here we are at the end of November; the weather is grey, cold, and damp, and the weatherman is talking about the potential of snow on Thanksgiving. No wonder we’d all rather stay indoors.

For the most part, I won’t be spending much time in my yard until spring. Sure, I’ll grill something every now and then, but otherwise I won’t be in the yard unless I have to be. Once all of fall’s leaves are bagged, I’ll be about ready to call it a year. Whatever else remains to be done outside can wait until we get closer to spring.

There is one task that can’t wait, however, and that’s cleaning up after my two dogs when they poop.

My dogs enjoy being warm and cozy just as much as I do, but they need to poop every day – no matter the weather. And that means my yard will become more inundated with pet waste I the longer I elect to neglect my cleaning duties and stay inside. I won’t let that happen. So I can either set aside some precious weekend daylight to wander around in the cold, looking for poop – or I can find another option.

If I had some younger kids living at home – responsible ones, anyway – I’d have enlisted them for poop patrol duty. But my kids are off at college, too far away to get roped into cleaning up after our dogs – at least until they come home for Christmas. Then I discovered that there’s a local company that specializes in pet waste disposal: DoodyCalls. Their poop-scooping services are available in Gainesville and throughout the area. I had no idea.

Basically, DoodyCalls visits your yard, picks up all of the surprises your retrievers left for you, and then takes them far away. They’ll even leave a message card to let you know when the service was performed – I like that a lot. The first couple of times DoodyCalls cleaned my yard, I knew when to go outside and inspect their work. I didn’t find any surprises then, and I haven’t since.

Winter’s coming soon, and so are the holidays, and that means we’re all pressed for time. I’d rather spend what free time I’ve got doing something that doesn’t involve retriever poop; like enjoying a book with a hot cocoa at my side, for example. If that sounds like a good idea to you, too, you ought to see if there are any pooper scooper companies in your town. You just might be glad you did.

Keeping Your Dog Trim and Healthy This Winter


As I’m typing this, it’s about 30 degrees here in Richmond – and quite a bit less than that when you factor in the wind chill. While no one would mistake that kind of chill for the kind you’d get in Minnesota or upstate New York, it’s more than enough to keep my dog and I from spending as much time outside as we prefer to do.

Our walks are shorter. We spend less time playing fetch the tennis ball or chasing each other around the backyard. And while we have fun playing indoors, it’s a lot tougher to wear my dog out when we’re confined to the living room. With reduced activity, burning calories becomes more difficult. Carrying around an extra pound or two is already an issue with my dog – just ask my vet!

So what can I do – other than stop feeding my little buddy the occasional treats that he loves? I spent some time researching what to do to keep my dog active over the winter, and found a lot of good ideas. Here are some of the ideas that resonated with me:

Enroll your dog in a class

In addition to finding several local classes on obedience, I was able to find some classes that improve dog agility and others that teach dogs new tricks. Some classes are outdoors, but thankfully some take place inside. I understand that there are classes that can teach you and your dog to dance, but I wasn’t able to find one here in Richmond. Sigh.

Spend time off-leash

You may be tempted to limit your dog’s outdoor activity to a single brisk walk, but you should make time for some more intensive off-leash activity. If your dog is less inclined to play in the cold, try using some small treats to encourage activity. You can also encourage your dog by incorporating some running into your walking routine.

Finally, if you haven’t been to one of Richmond’s dog parks lately, make visits part of your winter routine – seeing other dogs will encourage yours to be more active.

Go for a walk in the woods

The leaves may have departed until spring, but there are still several good reasons to go for a walk in the woods: You’ll enjoy a little extra shelter against the wind. And your dog will find an abundance of places to poke his nose and sniff, which will distract him from the fact that it’s cold out there.

That’s a good reason to visit a couple of my favorite dog-walking destinations: Deep Run Park out in the West End and the John Smith Trail along the James River.

As cold as it is today, we haven’t even reached Thanksgiving yet. The bad news is that it’s only going to get wetter and colder. The good news is that you’ve got some time to establish some more active habits before you really need them. Why not give your dog a real treat and start a new routine today?

Pet Urine Removal by the Professionals


Going off topic from dog treats a little bit I wanted to share a little bit about living with my pets and what it takes sometimes to clean up after them.

daisy looking guilty

Daisy looking guilty after an “accident”

Living in a home with 3 dogs and 2 cats requires a little more maintenance than a normal home. I probably have to replace my furniture three times as often as a normal family simply because of the claw scratches and general wear and tear they put in things. I have long since given up on teaching them all to stay off the couches when I know the kids let them when im out of the house. But as anyone with pets would attest to, it’s worth the extra effort and damage done to have your furry friends around.

Pet Owners Should Clean Regularly

One thing that helps minimize the damage however is regular cleaning. Because there is a lot of pet hair that gets shed, I am constantly vacuuming the carpets, rugs, and even the furniture as often as I can. Otherwise this would all build up and my home would smell like animals too instead of just being a home to them. One problem we have been having recently is that our newest addition to the family Piper, a beagle mix has been having accidents around the house. I do my best to scrub and clean these up but I never feel like im getting the entire stain out as it quickly sinks into the carpeting. When a few of these happen is a short time span I found a solution in http://carpetcleaningrichmond.com/ with their pet stain removal service.

Pet Stain Removal From Professional Carpet Cleaners

before and after pet urine removal cleaning

great results from the cleaners!

Usually whenever I get this carpet cleaning service to come to my home, its been at least a few months since the last cleaning (which is comparable to a year for most families with all the foot and paw traffic we have going on indoors) so I typically have Chem-Dry professionally clean all the carpeting as well. Last time I even tried the upholstery cleaning service and was really happy with how much cleaner the couches and chairs in my living room looked and felt. Its too bad they still have claw marks in them. But the cleaning service proved to be as close as a miracle as you could get considering the previous condition.

If you have pets I highly recommend keeping up with your cleaning even if you have to call in the pros every once in a while. It helps keep the whole family healthy including your pets and makes it presentable for guests. Click here for more tips on how to be a better pet owner. You don’t want to be that friend whose home looks like it was built more for the dogs than the people.

Dog Treat Baking for Seniors and My Favorite Recipe


Why I Love Baking Dog Treats

It’s no secret that I love to bake dog treats! I started baking because my mom loved making cookies and cakes. She had a shelf full of cookbooks, a binder full of her own recipes, and magazines full of decorating ideas. When we were younger, we would spend snow days and other weekends trying new recipes and making treats for our neighbors.

As my mother started aging, she began noticing some signs of diabetes. The doctor put her on a new diet plan that could prevent symptoms from worsening without taking medication. This may cookie dog treatsseem like a simple fix to the average person- but for someone who has baking as their primary hobby, it can be devastating. Fortunately, my husband came up with the great idea of buying her a yellow lab puppy. This kept her focused on something other than making her sweet treats and kept her smiling.

Spoiling your pets is a great part of being a senior because there are so many great activities that go along with it. Knit your dog sweaters, teach them new tricks, or simply cuddle with them when you want some love. Or, you can take a page out of my book and bake them dog treats!

If you’re becoming less active over your pet’s lifetime, consider hiring a service like Seniors Helping Seniors. These senior care providers come to your home on as needed basis to make sure that you or your family member get the attention you need. They can help you take your dog for a walk each day, keep track of medications, cook meals, or simply come by for some companionship.

The best way to spoil your growing puppy is to whip them up some treats. My mother and I found baking dog treats to be just as satisfying as baking cookies! Better yet, this opened a whole new world of flavors and recipes that we could try out. Even before this became my business, I spent a lot of time on my own coming up with ideas just for the fun of it. And we no longer had to worry about calories because our dogs were the primary taste testers. Aside from trying a small bite here or there, I never consumed an entire treat. Just make sure your puppy tries his treats in moderation and have him exercise regularly! They have to stay healthy too.

One of my most popular recipes is Chomps Ahoy. Dogs can’t eat chocolate, but our carob substitute still tastes great. The ingredients are:

-          Whole wheat flour

-          Natural Peanut Butter

-          Eggs

-          Honey

-          Water

-          Carob Chips

-          Powdered Skim Milk

-          Baking Powder

I love being in the dog treat business. It lets me be creative every day and gives me an excuse to spend time with my dogs. Just like you would make your kids a cake once and a while, my mother and I encourage everyone to spoil their pets from time to time.

How to Start Your Own Home Bakery


My gourmet dog treat business wasn’t some well-crafted plan that took years of education and experience to accomplish. I just simply enjoyed baking treats for my dog at home and thought other people out there may enjoy my products as well. The dessert industry, for both humans and pets, has really taken off over the past few years. I simply came in at the right place and the right time. If you have a special talent that you enjoy, consider turning that skill into a profit. Some of the greatest and most profitable businesses in the world, such as Amazon and Google, where started right at home. I wanted to take the time to share my 3 tips that helped me to start my dog treat business.


Know the Laws of the Land

You may think since you are starting a business from home that this is going to be easier than starting a small business, but think again. Be aware that local, state, and federal laws apply to your home based business as well. Before even beginning to plan out your business, do your homework to see if this is a feasible option for you. In some states, for legal or public health and safety reasons, home based bakeries are prohibited. If home bakeries are allowed, you still will minimally be required to have a business license of some form. Know that you also could be subject to health inspections just like any other bakery. Also, I highly recommend that you invest in business liability insurance. Even if it isn’t required by law, having your business insured will protect you both professionally and personally if a client has a quarrel with your product or service offering. Lastly, look into any necessary permits that may be required for food industry companies.


Have the Right Equipment

My bakery was created and still runs out of my home in Austin, Texas. I have a four bedroom, two-story house which is more than enough living space for me and my family. Starting out, my kitchen was not up to the task of running a home bakery business. Most bakeries are run out of a retail shop or from a rented commercial kitchen space. I decided to work with what I had and made my kitchen meet my needs. I had to go through a lot of maintenance work orders. From dishwasher repairs to refrigerator repairs it seemed like I was spending all of my profits on appliance repairs in Austin. Know that your input costs to get your business started are going to be high. If you are starting a bakery business, know upfront that those appliances are going to be expensive. Budget the time and the money for problems that are most definitely going to arise.


Create a Great Product

A lot of people that decide to start a small business make the mistake of introducing their product or service to the general public far before the business is ready. You have the right the right balance between finding a product that is desired and how to make yours stand out from the crowd. I had what is referred to as a “soft opening” for my dog treats. I had a party at my home and handed out my treats to my closest family and friends who were also dog owners. This was how I conducted a small sample of the market I was hoping to capture. I asked them to fill out an anonymous survey that asked for their opinions and suggestions to improve my product. Anonymity was an important factor because this meant I was more luckily to get true and uncensored feedback that would was key to improving my business. Client feedback, product success, and profitability were always three concepts that I kept in the forefront of my mind with every business decision I made from ingredients to presentation.

Even if you aren’t looking to start a home bakery, I hope the advice shared with you today will help or inspire you to take the plunge and start your own business.